Having post nasal drip can be rather disturbing and irritating. But when it causes a sore throat, it can become unbearable. Here we are going to understand why a sore throat can follow post nasal drip and what can help you in this situation.

Every day your body produces mucus and it is a natural process as it stops germs and allergens. We usually swallow this mucus without realizing this and it is destroyed in the stomach. But cold weather, allergies, rhinitis, etc. can cause post nasal dripping. The mucus becomes hard to swallow; it irritates the back of the throat. Swollen throat, cough and hoarse voice are all post nasal drip sore throat symptoms. They are very irritating that you just dream to get rid of these symptoms as quickly as possible.
There are lots of post nasal drip remedies which help effectively. Some of them dry the mucus up, others thin or loose it and calm the sore throat.
Drinking helps to move the mucus from the back of your throat into your stomach where it is destroyed. Liquids moisten the back of the throat and make the situation bearable. You should drink at least 1.5 liters of liquid like juice, water, tea, etc.

Avoiding dairy products is also important as they make the mucus even thicker and that will prolong your recovery. Dairy products also stick to the throat and irritate it even more. You should also avoid spicy dishes as they can make your condition even worse.

Saltwater gargling helps to clear the excessive amount of mucus. It can be used as the initial post nasal drip sore throat remedy. You will need half a tablespoon of salt and a glass of warm water. Gargle your throat three times a day. Salt kills the germs and makes your throat calmer. Also use a saline spray for your nose to thin the mucus.

Plant extracts like cinnamon and thyme can help to relieve your condition caused by post nasal drip. They contain antioxidants and help your immune system. Chewing ginger root can also bring relief to your irritated throat.

If your post nasal drip is caused by dry air in your house, use a humidifier. Put it into the room you are in most of the day. It may help you in fight with your problem thinning up the mucus in your throat. But avoid air-conditioned spaces as they make the air even drier. This will aggravate the situation.

Blow your nose regularly even if it is not running. Thus, you will remove some excessive mucus through your nose which will give you a relief. Flushing with salt water helps your irritated throat.
These are only a few important post nasal drip sore throat remedies which should be used to relieve the irritation. If the symptoms do not disappear after trying them, then you must consult the doctor immediately. The doctor will examine your ears, nose, and throat to see if they are not the cause of your post nasal drip. It can also be caused by a bacterial infection and you will have to take antibiotics.

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